Create your myGeoScatter events

What is a myGeoScatter

MyGeoScatter is a trail adventure you create anywhere, in your town, countryside, park or wilderness, letting you easily in less than 15 minutes create an event for an unlimited number of people. 
The myGeoScatter event creator application lets you distribute points to find in your event space for your group to find in the time you set time. 
The Scatter players build a score by finding the geomarkers by running close tothe marker shown on the map on the mobile phone.  As soon as they are close to the marker they will be see they have fond the marker and they will be given the score of the geomark. 
The scoreboard is always available – challenge your family, friends and groups, great fun for all ages. 
  •  Create the Scatter adventure map on your laptop or phone in the myGeoScatter event builder.
  • Create your set of GeoMarkers to find or use our preset markers
  • Allocate points for each of the markers with some worth more to make it worth the extra effort to find them.
  • Pick your area you want to hold the event, pick the number of geomarkers to drop in and go.
  • Set a time for the event and release to your family, group or make it public
  • Your done ready to play.
  • Login into the mobile myGeoScatter app downloaded from the store
  • The myGeoScatter event will be automatically synced with the app
  • Select to play and the adventure will start when you enter the event area
  • You will be shown on the map on the phone the three closest geomarkers and there point you can get if you find them
  • Move around find the marker and you get awarded the points and you will see the next three closets.  
  •  Skip markers to try and get the most point in the time allowed
  • See a real time scoreboard of all the players

Creating A myGeoScatter

  • Select an area which has open space and is safe to move fast in. Avoid busy roads and inaccessible areas.
  • Create the myGeoScatter, set a start date if you are planning a specific event and set a time you allow for playing. 
  • Create your group in the app from the users who have registered on the myGeoScatter app and they will see your event and your ready to play.
  • The scoreboard gives you a real time view of the players score as they find the geomarkers and at the end you can how everyone got on. 

This is the easiest way to create your own adventure 

  • Create unlimited number of adventures anywhere in the world
  • You are not restricted to numbers of players from 2 to 2000 and above.
  • Quick and uncomplicated creation process and simple play for all ages.
  • A quick and uncomplicated creation process and simple play for all ages.
  • Players and spectators see the score board update everytime the geomarker is found making the event a great way to include fun competition.
  • There is an option to charge for the event entry if you want to raise money for your community or yourself.