myGeoAdventure making outdoors fun

Motivate your family, friends or activity group

  • Having trouble occupying your family on a walk or a day out with friends?
  • Want to find an activity for the group which keeps them active and having fun?
  • Looking to organise an event for your group which gets them running or cycling without spending hours setting a course?
  • Want to help your family or friends learn more about the outdoors?
  • How do you tell your story of your favourite walk or cycle and provide the trail on an easy to follow mobile map?
  • Do you want to create all your trails on an app where you can promote and even charge for them to make some return?


  • The myGEO adventure platform provides you with all the elements to enable you to build your adventure and to release for download.
  • The myGeoAdventure mobile app will list the adventures available created by myGeoBuilders anywhere in the world. You can develop adventures for your family and friends, your school, tourists in your favourite city or anyone interested in the area.
  • Look for the myGeo waypoints for each clue finding the extra collectables items on the way, collect points and take on the challenges. Information about the area with points of interest will be available using the knowledge of the local myGeoBuilder to make your myGeo experience exceptional.


  • The myGeoAdventure enabled me to create quick and exciting activities for everybody to take part in on their phones. 
  • The myGeo engaged all ages and made them enjoy more exercise without them realising it.  
  • By adding facts about the location and natural surroundings for each point it helps the player learn without realising it.  The quizzes I can add a really help to understand nature.