Enabling you to motivate and engage anyone in enjoying the outdoors 

GeoActive is focused on helping you to enjoy the outdoors with your family, friends or groups, helping everyone to become more active. We are passionate to help as many people as possible to appreciate and benefit from being active in the outdoors.

Try myGeoScatter:  We have released a new version of the myGeoScatter Event Creator; try it to get you, your friends, your group or your family active.



myGeoAdventure, play geoadventures walking or cycling, making the outdoors fun.

myGeoBuilder, making your own adventures for your family and others to play.

myGeoScatter, create your own geoevents to engage many. Fun game style activity for all.


Jump straight in and click on the store button or go to your app store and search for myGEOAdventure and download the player. This will list available adventures, letting you filter the list to choose the myGeoAdventure to download. When ready take on the adventure challenge by starting the adventure from the list.
If you want to build your own outdoor adventures just register for a GEO Builder trial account, creating your login and password to use the Web builder. Download the myGEOBuilder mobile app which lets you build the adventures on your phone as you go.

Where is our main focus?

Explore and Experience

We are want to make your outdoors a fun and active place to experience fantastic adventures and explore your area and landscape. Creating challenges for others to join with you.

Telling the stories of Nature

Tell natures stories through digital adventure we will create an experience using gamification and a fun approach to discover and learn about the stories of nature and heritage.
red squirrel

What are we working on?

The GeoActive team works with organisations to engage with their visitors. Current projects  include:


Keep in touch with all that is happening with GeoActive team. Follow us on your favoured social channel and please leave us a message, we would love to hear from you.